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Asia-Pacific Institute for Monitoring, Evaluation and Research – APIMER was established in 2014 to primarily address and respond to the huge gaps in monitoring, evaluation and research prevalent in the Asia and Pacific region and meet the increasing and diverse demands by organizations and institutions for high-quality outputs of  monitoring, evaluation and research exercises. The head offices of APIMER are strategically located in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to coordinate the provision of services across the island nations of the Pacific and Asia region.

APIMER exist to provide robust, locally developed state-of-the art monitoring, evaluation and research services to countries in Asia-Pacific regions designed to meet the specific, unique and diverse needs of each individual organisation. APIMER nurtures M&E and Research solutions that meet the challenges of the region. APIMER exists to increase widely knowledge on the theory, practice and use of monitoring and evaluation and research services and outputs in the Asia-Pacific region. APIMER seeks to position itself as the leading agency and preferred provider for the full range of monitoring, evaluation and research services in the Asia-Pacific region.

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